17-07-217 | BALL NOIR – Winter is Coming, a tribute to GoT [Official Video]

Are you also excited for the new Game of Thrones – season 7? Ball Noir is! As we are huge […]
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03-07-2017 | Video ‘The Other (andro)’

Ladies and gentlemen… let us proudly present our very first music video: BALL NOIR – The Other (andro) [Official video] […]
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29-06-2017 | New album!

Ball Noir Lost Serenades
Let us proudly present: our new album title ánd the album cover artwork: BALL NOIR – LOST SERENADES The album […]
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24-02-2017 | Game of Thrones video clip

Are you our new Khaleesi? Or Khal Drogo, White Walker or simply a huge Game of Thrones fan, just like […]
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26-10-2016 | Recording a new album!

ball noir
Yes, that’s right: currently we are recording our second Ball Noir album! We take our time in our own Studio […]
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6-09-2016 | Ball Noir on Spotify

You have not heard from us in a long time.. What are we doing? Writing a lot of new songs! […]
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16-10-2013 | Midwinterfair 2013

archeon 20 jaar
After a warm summer and our great adventures with the KOB Conspiracy on Castlefest, we are ready to perform as […]
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14-11-2012 | Last show of the year
We had a great time on Haunted Castle in Lisse and on Emporium Vernesque in Arnhem! We saw a lot […]
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20-09-2012 | “Winter is coming”

Photo: Patrick Spruytenburg
Winter is coming. The day light is diminishing, leaves start to colour and the evenings around the campfire turn cold. […]
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02-08-2012 | Castlefest

We’re ready! We’re ready! The bus is packed, we’ve got a new backdrop (made by Marco) and looooots of copies of the new album, ready for sale at Castlefest!
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