Lost Serenades | 2017

Ball Noir Lost Serenades

1 Cage of Eden (andro)
2 Time Marches On (cercle)
3 Shaking Ground (scottish)
4 Never Again (waltz)
5 Drifting (suite plinn)
6 Opus 38 (hanterdro)
7 The Veil (mazurka)
8 The Other (andro)
9 After the Storm (polska)
10 Let Them Dance (jigue)

Recorded by Rutger van Krieken at Studio d’Or, Noordeloos, 2016/2017
Mixed by Guido Aalbers at Giesound Studio, 2017, assistant: Lars Wonink
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering, 2017
All lyrics and music written and arranged by Ball Noir
Produced by Ball Noir
Soundscapes recorded by Marco van Asperen
Sounddesign by Thur and Rutger van Krieken
Artwork by Bianca van den Koppel


Bitter Dreams | 2012

1  Bitter Dreams  (cercle)
2  Last Day  (gavotte)
3  Dancing Flame  (rondeau en couple)
4  Ceasars Descent  (scottish)
5  The River runs black  (waltz)
6  Love and resonance symphony  (andro)
7  Dead Wood Song  (mazurka)
8  Danse de Sade  (jigue)
9  66 Strings of Doom  (kost ar c’hoad)